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Vamp Selfie by Arkannes Vamp Selfie :iconarkannes:Arkannes 98 85 Fire and Ice by Arkannes Fire and Ice :iconarkannes:Arkannes 39 38 Welcome to the Masquerade by Arkannes Welcome to the Masquerade :iconarkannes:Arkannes 44 59 Forever 21 by Arkannes Forever 21 :iconarkannes:Arkannes 63 58
Best Birthday--Plushie TF
Best Birthday—TF Story
It had been an exceptional birthday, Robbie thought to himself. Having turned 16 years old and gotten his driver’s license, it was hardly a birthday that he would bear to forget. He smiled to himself as he reflected on the day. There was a bit of pleasure in his head that seemed to melt away the troubles of life, seeing as tomorrow was a Monday. A school day.  A day where he could safely bet he would be picked on for his brains or his looks. With the pains of the next day evasively pushed out of his mind, Robbie thought it would be nice to spend the rest of the day enjoying himself.
Ah, but what to do? He had done nearly everything a guy could want to do on his birthday. Puzzled, he thought a little more. Suppose he could go and see a friend or something? No, it was getting late in the day, and he didn’t know there were that many people that would want to get together with him at 5:00 on a Sunday evening. Maybe he could call someone and h
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Red Fox 01 by FoxRAGE-Stock Red Fox 01 :iconfoxrage-stock:FoxRAGE-Stock 145 15
[Watch Dogs 2] Partners In Crime - //File_01
{Wrench x Reader}
Whenever Sitara called the members of Dedsec 2.0 together for a group meeting, it was usually for something that was either super important or super serious.
However, when everyone was gathered together, the look on Sitara's face was the complete opposite of serious.
"What's up, Sitara?" Marcus asked. "You look happy. Did we reach 10,000 followers on Twitter?"
Sitara shook her head. "No. This is even better. Wrench, care to explain?"
"Sure. So, the news is that Sitara and I have managed to track a hacker by the name of Cipher. Sitara wants him to join us here at DedSec 2.0." Wrench started as he typed away on his phone.
"Cipher? The same Cipher that hacked Blume and leaked thousands of gigs of their data to the public?"  Horatio asked. "No way!"
"Yeah, that Cipher. We've managed to pinpoint his location to an apartment in downtown San Francisco." Wrench continued, still typing on his phone. "I mean, it was a pain in the ass to bypass his sec
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It's High Noon by hybrid-theory-0 It's High Noon :iconhybrid-theory-0:hybrid-theory-0 90 3
Mature content
A Quick Turn-On :iconblueberryjanelle:blueberryjanelle 380 110
I Need A Mate! by KnightGamerRex
Mature content
I Need A Mate! :iconknightgamerrex:KnightGamerRex 261 7
In Heat of the Change by KnightGamerRex
Mature content
In Heat of the Change :iconknightgamerrex:KnightGamerRex 241 3
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I never thought I would be on the run only because my friends dragged me into it.

Considering that I was a 25 year old with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and was an excellent person throughout my time, my friends were a bit less than that. For example, my best friend, Ben, had a history of tickets, warnings, and eventually three DUIs and many misdemeanors. Or you can look at Alex, who was similar to me, but had a long string of issues with the Chicago Police Department. Even though there were about five more, I am not going through all that. After a while, I somehow managed to get into their circle of crime.
It started out with a single convenience store holdup in which Ben and I had broken into the store at midnight and stolen what was in the cash register as well as what was in the safe. The only thing we did not consider at the time was the alarm, which had a very thin carbon-fiber wire running along the windows, we realized it right when the police showed up. “Evan! Let’s grab the bags and go already!” Ben had said as we shot out of the rear door towards the big, white delivery van sitting back a few yards in the bushes. Luckily, Alex was in the front seat with a friend of his, Paul, who was holding an old SG-90 that they had gotten off a crack house they had robbed a while back. Knowing that Alex had a chrome plated pistol holstered on his belt, I shouted, “Alex! Get the damn car running!” walking towards the car to let him know it was us.
Throwing the two duffel bags of money in the trunk and tossing our rifles in the space in between the rear seats, we jumped in. “Hightail it out of here, Alex! We don’t need to bail anyone out again!” Ben shouted as the Yukon flew over the curb and sped off on Highway 34 back to Alex’s hideout in the Dockside area, which was about an hour drive from the store in the outskirts of Chicago. Even though they lost the police after a while, they still went to a run-down warehouse along the route that Paul’s brother owned and changed cars from the van to an old, green, beat up Vespid HMI which they used to drive back to the house in the Dockside. When they got back, they dropped everything off at the old basement in the building where we often stashed our loot and the equipment. Knowing some of us needed a drink after what just happened, I got everyone back into the car and we sped off the The Bronco, which was a bar popular amongst the shady class of Chicago. Little did we know, we would soon go past convenience stores and drugstores to higher paying contracts, and go on to become one of the most feared gangs in Chicago, The Watch Dogs.
The Watch Dogs - Ch. 1
Welp, I finally have put out my first story. Whom of which so happens to be my first of around thirty-two chapter story. Hope you like it!!


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